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Upper Mustang : Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal

Mustang is located in northwest of the Annapurna range and extending till Tibetan Plateau. It has closed until 1992 for foreigners. Upper mustang is image of medieval Asia where a vibrant culture back over many years ago. Till now, we can see the communities and their traditions are resilient, mud walled towns and monasteries covered. About this place , The Dalai Lama “ Mustang is one of the few places in the Himalayan region that has been able to retain its traditional Tibetan culture unmolested … authentic Tibetan culture now survives only in exile and a few places like Mustang, which have long historical and cultural ties with Tibet.” From The Dalai Lama quotation, we know about Upper Mustang, in here Tibetan culture is preserved till now. Padmasambhava a Buddhist saint founded Ghar Gompa in the eighteen century , when he came to the Mustang to battle with evil power. Padmasambhava came to Lo Gekar while he was on journey through Mustang to Samye and established the first Gompa in Tibet (AD775-787), so Ghar Gompa is one of the oldest Gompa built in Himalayan region.
In Upper Mustang, we can see different ethnic group like Baragaunle, Lopa. Especially Baragaunle people stayed in lower part like Kagbeni and Muktinath area. They followed Tibetan Buddhism with some Bon influences. Likewise another group is called Lopa. Lopa people stayed in Mustang with mud-brick homes which is whitewashed on the outside and beautifully decorated inside like Tibetan homes. This people had operated business with Tibetan people. They practiced Tibetan Buddhism.
The main festival is Tiji in upper mustang part. Teeji festival is in April or May. The Teeji means the hope of Buddha Dharma. They celebrate three days where lamas and monks perform costumed dance in village and known as the chasing of the demons. Among three days, the lamas from Chhoede Gompa enact battles and folklore scenes with mask dances. Every evening of three days, all people gather at centre of village and together dance. Teeji festival is must see event in Nepal especially upper Mustang.
For reaching in Upper Mustang, You need Upper Mustang permit. The standard route is from Pokhara to Jomsom by flight or ground transportation. From Jomsom to Lo-Mangthang takes 12 days. Upper Mustang Trek is an exclusive trekking destination because of unspoiled nature with different culture.