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Lodging properties can benefit by listing their respective properties here on, our high ranking directory offers you the
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Hotel Listings,  Motel Listings, Resort Listings Hotel Listings,
Motel Listings, Resort Listings

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Not only do we have a simple name to remember but also we have maintained top rankings on all of the major search engines for years now . Our hotel listings can build both family owned motels, chain hotels and top resort website rankings around the world.

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There is no better way for you to build your motel website rankings and also benefit from new business by listing your business on, as an independent motel owner myself of Baker’s Motel in Norwich, Ohio I understand the need for directory listings, family owned motels are being crunched by the numerous chains now being built, give your property an advantage by taking out a premium motel listing on So many travel companies promise the world and then give nothing whereas at we offer you and alternative by building incoming links to your website which is a great way to build new business to your independent motel property and you keep that 10 – 20 percent commission that the others take.

Hotel Listings and Resort Listings

Small and large chains can benefit from our listings also as when business comes through the chain you have to pay high referral fees

Chain Hotels and Resort Listings Chain Hotels and Resort Listings
and with you can top billing with a premium listing and simply benefit from a high ranked hotel listing on our website. Additionally with a hotel or resort listing on you have the ability to edit your listing whenever you want which makes it great to add specials or even link to specific pages.

For the hotel or motel that is serious about building their business links to our high ranked business advertising resource travel listings, on BuckeyeAds when you get a premium listing you also increase the rankings of your other listings and you can place as many ads as you wish here.

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Our company Golden Advertising is based in New Concord, Ohio, we offer many great websites developed to build business both online and off and we have been building business for many companies around the world since 1999 so we understand how to obtain and maintain high rankings on the major search engines. Whether you are building business for a website you already have or you need a new website for you hotel, motel or lodging property we can assist you in this process.
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