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The Serengeti National Park is one of Africa’s dream wildlife safari destinations and should be high up on any wildlife lover’s bucket list. There are few wildlife destinations still so untouched as the Serengeti. Animals that you can look forward to see on safaris in the Serengeti include Africa’s famous Big Five (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo), Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelle and the Great Wildebeest that are in abundance during the annual migration, herds of impala, klipspringer, warthog, giraffe, kudu, eland, roan antelope, bushbuck, striped and spotted hyena, oryx, hartebeest, serval, African golden wolf, Honey badger, cheetah, African wild dog, to name but a few. For bird lovers, safaris in the Serengeti National Park is definitely one for the bucket list with more than 500 species of birds – the Ashy starling, Black crake, Ostrich, Hartlaub’s turaco, Ficher’s lovebird, Small finches, red and yellow Barbet and many more.

The Maasaai Mara tribe is the mainstay of this stunning safari destination in the Serengeti, which has been been their home for centuries and a visit to their villages is a must when you want to experience true African warmth and hospitality.
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There are many camps and lodges in the Serengeti to choose from that cater for every type of budget. Before booking your safari accommodation it is advisable to decide in which region of the Serengeti Park you want to be in and at what time, because the popularity of Serengeti safaris are at its peak during the Great Wildebeest migration ( that takes place annually.

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