Shape The Local Narrative: Offering Exclusive News Website Access To Willing Citizen Reporters

  • May 7, 2016
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Shape The Local Narrative: Offering Exclusive News Website Access To Willing Citizen Reporters

Are you a dedicated writer or one of the citizen reporters out there? Because many people are. Writing has become a common craft in the 21st century, especially with the advent of the Internet and the creation and proliferation of the blogosphere.

news mediaBut aside from purely writing, the Internet and the 21st century have given birth to another branch of media – citizen journalism. It doesn’t cost much time or money to investigate mysteries and local curiosities with a smartphone, and air your findings online with a written entry. And among the passionate, citizen journalism is the future of reliable media and news.

It comes with its flaws. For one, flying solo as a citizen journalist is hard. Audiences are hard to come by, and incredibly tough to build. As such, there’s also little room for incentives. It’s not a job with great financial viability. But that’s not why you do it, is it?

Offering a Special Opportunity

We love the idea of citizen journalism. We love how it’s done, and we believe in its potential. But we recognize that without systematic help, citizen journalism will falter under the personal pressures every writer has to face financially. So we ask the question: what if you could make money off of your skill?

That’s where we come in. We’re a company with control over several local media sites – these are websites with established content and a stable administrative system. All we’re looking for are individuals with a respect for the truth and a passion for journalism – to these individuals, we offer exclusive annual rights to manage and moderate a news site of their locality. We handle the tech, and do the maintenance and marketing – you handle the stories, the editing, the hiring of further project writers and the development of media for the community and for local businesses.

Here’s what we can do for you

1. The opportunity to earn a passive income through the revenue stream your news site generates through the stories you present for local businesses. While the bulk of the writing will be about your community, the bulk of your revenue will come from being a respected news source that local companies can work with to generate better traffic and reach a wider audience.
2. You can further generate revenue through press release writing services for local companies, if you choose to. These press releases can easily be syndicated to your news site and many others through your DatSyn account as well as turned into a video/podcast PR. A share from the 10% revenue pot generated by the DatSyn News Network for publishing DatSyn press releases and articles on the website will also be yours.
3.The rest of your revenue through the news site will come through the banner ads we have on these sites, working as further passive income.
4. And finally, you can expect to make money through DatSyn’s affiliate program, by referring other writers or businesses to utilizing the service as a way to syndicate their content to your site and others.

Within your first quarter, you can expect to be making a full-time monthly revenue stream of roughly $2,500, or an alternative part-time monthly revenue stream of close to $1,000. Exactly how much revenue will grow and develop depends on you and your work.

The license fee for the entire year, on the other hand, will be $650, and $450 for every year after that. Monthly maintenance costs are $50 a month. These are all the fees you would be paying – no hidden fees or additional charges. Considering the revenue you’d be expected to make, it’s nothing to scoff at.

To clarify what you would be getting under the $650 license fees:

news media-The right to use a branded news media site with a .com domain name for the total duration of one year. Hosting and maintenance will be our job.
-You will get every cent the website directly generates, paid to you through PayPal, Skrill, and/or Payoneer.
-We will handle marketing together with you for the first three months following your initial purchase. This includes three social media accounts, branded according to your content and chosen news site.
-You will get access to a DatSyn Account for a year – which would normally cost you an additional $300, but is included for free with the annual access. This will also net you a DatSyn affiliate account with which to generate additional income.
-Our support, 100% of the time, whether it’s for tech or marketing or any policy questions you might have.

If you operate a news site 5 years in the row you will get a 50% ownership share at no extra costs.

If you’re a passionate writer, a struggling journalist, or just someone who wants to make a difference locally without endangering their livelihood, then this partnership is directly aimed at you. We hope to hear from you soon!

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