The Takeaway: a Creative Director's Favorite Finds From Morocco


Exploring Africa is a perk of the job when you’re the designer of Edun, the ethical fashion brand founded by Bono and Ali Hewson, which produces 95 percent of its goods on the continent. Looking for inspiration for her Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Edun’s Creative Director Danielle Sherman toured Fez, Marrakesh, and the Atlas Mountains for 10 days, guided by Artisan Project, a promoter of local craftspeople. These are her favorite discoveries from medina merchants and makers’ cooperatives:

The Takeaway: a Creative  Director’s Favorite Finds  From Morocco

The Takeaway: a Creative
Director’s Favorite Finds
From Morocco

I bought these from a merchant in the Fez medina who’s been collecting textiles for more than 20 years. They’re all hand-stitched from fragments of handwoven rugs. The idea of mixing materials to make something unique is important to me.

Striped Rug
This man in Ain Leuh, a small village in the Middle Atlas, sells a crazy collection of rugs from his house (his wife made us an incredible vegetarian tagine). This one felt modern and simple. I like the irregular lines—it’s imperfect.

Ceramic Necklace
I’ve seen a lot of Berber jewelry, but never a piece like this one from southern Morocco, which I found in the medina in Fez. I love the color, the weight, and the way it’s knotted.

Silk Fabric
Abdelkader El Ouazzani is one of the only master weavers left in Morocco who still practices the art of brocade, which is traditionally loomed by hand. I visited his shop in the Fez medina and commissioned a variation on this ornate, graphic pattern for my collection.

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