Now you can sign an apartment lease to live anywhere in the world


Imagine signing an apartment lease that will allow you to live anywhere? It’s becoming more and more likely as travel start-up Roam makes it easier than ever to work and live anywhere in the world.

Digital nomadism – the ability to do your job anywhere in the world – is becoming increasingly accessible to workers in the 21st century. As a result, people are looking for more ways to make their home quickly and easily wherever they want…and ensure they have fast internet access too. Roam has stepped in to create fully-equipped home and work spaces to make the transition from place to place as easy as possible.

Now you can sign an apartment lease to live anywhere in the world

Now you can sign an apartment lease to live anywhere in the world

The rates are somewhat higher than a lot of digital nomads are used to. The company charges US$500 a week or $1800 a month, which is a flat rate no matter what location you use. The spaces are meticulously designed for privacy and comfort and each room comes with a private bathroom, a large bed and there’s even a cleaning service. Nomads will also have access to a co-working space and, most importantly, “battle-tested” Wi-Fi.

As well as providing a comfortable home location, Roam aims to foster a sense of community among workers who may otherwise find it difficult to settle into a location. There are plenty of spaces for classes, meetings and opportunities to make new connections. Most locations also come with additional perks like a pool or media room and they organise plenty of extra activities and trips.

Location-independent workers can book for one week slots on a pay-as-you-go basis, but they are encouraged to stay in one location for at least a month to help foster the community spirit.

Roam currently operates in Bali, Madrid and Miami and started a new funding round this week. With this money they aim to add Buenos Aires and London to their home locations. The company hopes to operate in 8-10 locations by 2017 and their long-term goal is to have a base in every major city, allowing people to lead a truly location-independent existence.

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